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Anonymous asked: How do you think you're different now from when you first started this blog/ losing weight?

man I can’t even count the ways. 

well ok, 

1st attempt losing weight ever was a 1200 calorie intake and a shit load of cardio kind of blog. Aka a lot less happy. A lot less personality and a relatively unhealthy approach to life in general. 

I’m a lot more focused on strength training and I’m now trying to put on some weight instead of losing it! Biggest change though is just how far more educated in regards to nutrition and healthy weight loss/gain I am now.


Not to mention I’m at a healthier and happier point in my life! :) 

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Very suspicious of people stealing his tail

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#1 meal.

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Revie Schulz.

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The “no oatmeal in the house” breakfast. 😔😩😭

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Breakfast is less pretty today..,
coffee with whipped cream
4 scrambled eggs + a dash of milk + a marble cheese slice and a Gouda cheese slice

Also a banana


Just want a round booty and pumpkin shoulders. Training my butt every gym sesh now.

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